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Opera singer graduate from Bolzano university in Italy 2015.
Graduated from independent opera singing classes, held by great professors such as Vito Mario Brunetti, Stefano Anselmi & Otmar Trenner; Then being their assistant in workshops. Selected person in Monti chiari theater singing competition for Labohem opera, colline role, also in Don Giovanni opera entrance exam for Commendator role. Playing role in Gianni Schicchi opera as Pinellino, also in l’ocassione fa il ladero as Martino, and in la Traviata as Il Barone. Taking place in Terento’s Giovanili orchestra concert performance and in Bolzano’s concert for Mozzart rememberance. Best movie singer diploma from Rimusicazione international movie festival. Playing role as Zarastro in “Magic flute” theatre. Translation of book “Three Souls of the Voice” from Italy to Farsi. The innovator of the free seminars called “Sound Event” for the first time in Iran.

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